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Intelligent Reality is a data intelligence company. Our adaptive and predictive analytics support decision making in diverse, rapidly changing and ‘messy’ data environments, providing insight into and visualisation of not just what you know about, but what you need to know but don’t necessarily know to look for.

We help enterprises to base their decision-making on the rapid identification of patterns, correlations, relationships and forecasts derived from the discovery, integration and analysis of diverse and ever-changing data. These needs go far beyond the silos of enterprise data, and existing business intelligence systems rely on fixed relationships between known data to drive assumptive analytic tools.


Our initial focus is on the public health and environmental sectors, with ongoing projects that support decision-making around Covid-19 policy and for environmental impact modelling. Both sectors are characterised by the need for continuous insight generated from a wide range of data sources that are of variable quality and completeness.

Our Covid-19 analytics provide 28-day forecasting of the pandemic across the UK and are discovering demographic and behavioural relationships that can further inform policy-making and planning.

Following a successful proof of concept development for NatureScot, Scotland’s statutory nature conservation body, we are now developing an analytic toolset that will help scientists and land managers model and predict the impact of human activities on the natural environment.

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Our SaaS platform combines self-organising software based on the principles of natural ecosystems, mathematical modelling, machine learning and advanced visualisation to support our emergent approach and to allow us to rapidly adapt our system to new datascapes and challenges. By doing so we provide the adaptive discovery required to drive insight, forecasting and visualisation in today’s dynamic information landscapes.

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Public Health

Many public health applications, in policy creation, epidemiology and decision-making, can benefit from Intelligent Reality’s ability to integrate, discover, analyse and forecast outcomes from diverse and often messy data.


For Climate change, global models are robust at predicting overall trends but don’t help with monitoring local environments or predicting the impact of specific activities and events. Our system is being developed to fill that gap, starting with local and national impact analytics from recorded data, with development under way to integrate real time IoT sensor and remote sensing data.

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Our platform integrates two key needs: to be able to discover, integrate and use data of many types and qualities from a wide and dynamic range of sources, and to be able to use that data to drive the discovery-based, emergent analytics that provide both adaptive insight into and forecasting of patterns, relationships and trends in diverse data.


Our founders are based in Scotland and Germany, and have more than a century of experience in research, enterprise, government and the creative industries, with organisations such as The Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, SAS, Cognos, the BBC and Douglas Adams’ Digital Village. The team has won multiple awards and have successfully built previous startups. We also work in close partnership with the udu data discovery platform, exploiting its capabilities in concert with our analytic tools.

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Further Information

For more information, please contact us: or @intellireality