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Public Health

Many public health applications, in policy creation, epidemiology and decision-making, can benefit from Intelligent Reality’s ability to integrate, discover, analyse and forecast outcomes from diverse and often messy data.

Having proven our approach and technology after winning three rounds of UKRI funding, we are confident that our platform demonstrates both the ability to operate in the environment of a fast-moving global pandemic and to rapidly adapt to support other areas of epidemiology, public health monitoring, planning and decision making.

In Covid-19, poor quality data and lagging analysis has resulted in policies that either impose too much restriction, too late, or too little, too late. But always too late. Our Covid-19 analytics combine actionable forecasting with discovery-driven correlation of demographic and behavioural factors to provide early warning of emerging issues. Our platform is now able to uniquely predict key aspects of the pandemic up to 28 days ahead.


For Climate change, global models are robust at predicting overall trends but don’t help with monitoring local environments or predicting the impact of specific activities and events. Our system is being developed to fill that gap, starting with local and national impact analytics from recorded data, with development under way to integrate real time IoT sensor and remote sensing data.

Having generated continuous insight into the state of the environment at multiple levels, we can then use this to drive multiple predictive, accounting and what-if? models in areas such as Net Zero accounting, precision agriculture and natural capital assessment.

Our long-term goal is to bring together the outputs of multiple services and sources to create Naturalytics –  an effective ‘Digital Twin’ simulation of the natural environment, allowing effective and actionable forecasting of environmental trends at any geospatial level.