Market and Focus

Our initial focus is on the public health and environmental sectors, with ongoing projects that support decision-making around Covid-19 policy and for environmental impact modelling.

Both sectors are characterised by the need for continuous insight generated from a wide range of data sources that are of variable quality and completeness.

In public health, our Covid-19 analytics provide 28-day forecasting of the pandemic across the UK and are discovering demographic and behavioural relationships that can further inform policy-making and planning. This project was born from our analysis of the quality of information available during the pandemic and how it was being presented and used. This led to our development of data-driven analytics that surface trends and relationships that then inform and drive more traditional hypothesis-driven models that explore causality.

Following a successful proof of concept development for NatureScot, Scotland’s statutory nature conservation body, we are now developing an analytic toolset that will help scientists and land managers model and predict the impact of human activities on the natural environment. This uses the unique capabilities of our platform to integrate diverse data sources of variable quality to identify patterns, trends and relationships that drive health metrics for any given area and which provide predictive and ‘what if?’ modelling of the outcomes of change.